Natural soap with calendula




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Ingredients > Sodium Shea Butterate, Sodium Olivate, Sodium Cocoate, Sodium Rapeseedate, Sodium Castorate, Aqua, Glycerin, Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract, Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract

Mild, disinfecting soap

This product is made with love and mostly organic ingredients. I make the soaps with cold process. Cold-process soap has the advantage of a gradual, more natural chemical reaction, resulting in a more nourishing, skin-compatible soap. It takes more time to dry, but I think it is worth it if you want to have good and clean products.

We shouldn’t only think of ourselves when we buy products. Of course you want the best for yourself and your family, but we also have a planet to think of. And because of that, I have no plastics wrap around the products. The soaps and shampoo bars have a paper wrap around them with the product information. The creams come in small metal boxes that are easy and fun to re-use. Only the arnica cream comes in a plastic holder, because I haven’t found a better solution for that.

I try to send everything in envelops, not in big boxes that have to be filled up with plast. Please try to re-use the envelops as much as possible too. So we will all do our bit for our beautiful planet!

Please take contact for more information.

Shea Butter


I use an organic sheabutter, grade A, unrefined and raw. Because I believe the less processed a product is, the better it is for your skin. Sheabutter is made from the nuts of a sheatree. But even though it is made from nuts, is almost never triggers allergies. Sheabutter is really moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and has high levels of vitamin A and E, which stimulates antioxidant activity. And is stimulates the collagen production. This means that is it anti-aging as well. Sheabutter is the main ingredient in this soap. That is why it is almost like using a bodylotion on your skin.


olive oil


Olive oil is a vegetable oil obtained by pressing olives, the fruit of the olive tree. Mankind has been familiar with olive oil for a long time, the oldest records show that this oil was already used 4000 years before the beginning of our era. I use a Greek, organic olive oil. The olive oil add a lot of moisture to damaged hair and is caring for the scalp. It also prevents split ends in your hair. So your hair looks shiny and healthy.

Coconut oil


Coconut oil is a tropical vegetable oil obtained by pressing or extracting copra, the dried white pulp of the fruit of the coconut palm (Cocos nucifera), the coconut. Unhardened and unrefined (virgin) coconut oil has a melting range of around 24–26 °C and is therefore usually solidified in a temperate climate, and thus a fat. I use an organic coconut oil. Coconut oil cleans the hair gently, without damaging it. It is really nourishing and will not leave your hair greasy. Coconut oil makes the shampoo bar solid.


Castor Oil


Castor oil is made from the beans/seeds of the castor plant, ricinus communis. This plant is native to East Africa, India and the southeastern area around the Mediterranean. I use a cold pressed castor oil in my shampoo, because it makes it foam, and because of that it is easier to use. Castor oil is nourishing for the hair, makes your hair fuller and healthier.


Rapeseed oil is a vegetable oil that is cold pressed from the seeds of rapeseed (Brassica rapa L. syn. Brassica rapa ssp. Oleifera) This oil gives a nice, creamy layer of foam and is moisturizing. It’s full of vitamin E, which stimulates antioxidant activity.


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